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Get Out Of Your Head

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Standing in front of this temple in Chichén Itzá was an amazing, awe-inspiring experience.

While we often travel to "get away" or "escape" I would encourage travel to "get out of our head". Getting out of our heads because it is the place we too often become unhealthy and egocentric.

In our day to day lives, it is easy to get caught up in the daily demands of running a business.


We get out of our heads to gain a new perspective. To know that we are not the first, nor are we the last. To understand that different does not equal bad. To appreciate different, even if it is uncomfortable. To become better because we see through a new lens. To allow different to become familiar and therefore no longer "different".

When you return, the new perspective and viewpoint will help bring clarity.

There is only one world. It is big, yet small. Get out of your head and enjoy it.

If you are feeling stuck in your business or frustrated or overwhelmed - get out of your head.

Maybe it is not a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Maybe it is volunteering at a food shelf or having coffee with an old friend and asking questions vs. talking.

Owning a business can be draining. We often feel like if we step away for a moment everything will come crashing down. That is not, nor should it be, true.

There is a better way.

How can you plan specific times throughout the year to get out of your head? To see from a new perspective? To listen to a different voice?

To create clarity. To keep a good and healthy perspective by creating opportunities to see from a new and different one.

You got this.

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Amy Lynne Coaching is located in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, but works with solopreneurs and small business owners all over the world to help them reach their goals.

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