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How To Get “Everything” Off Your To-Do List

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

When you sit to write your To-Do List, does it just say: “Everything”?

While there are many ways to save time, prioritize critical work, and streamline processes, one of the first steps is to batch your tasks.

Seems simple, right?

But, what exactly does it mean and why do it?

Batching is essentially putting all "similar" tasks together,

then scheduling a specific time to do them…and nothing else.

Some tasks that are easy to batch are social media posts, bookkeeping, emails, blog writing, creating sales copy, shipping out products etc. The timeframe set aside for each batch can be different. For some, that will be 1 hour, for others, 1 day, whatever fits.


- instead of writing one or two social media posts each day, set aside a day to write all of your posts for the month.

-instead of constantly checking and responding to emails, set a block of time in the morning, a short time after lunch, and another at the end of the day (or whatever works for YOU).

-instead of logging receipts a few times a week (or all at the end of the year in a panic), set aside two 1/2 days a month to stay up on everything.

The benefit?

Once you get focused on a specific task, it is easier to keep going, to go deeper, and to be more productive. If you are bouncing between email and social and bookkeeping, you are actually wasting time and energy getting your brain to focus and refocus on each new task.

Batching will not only help you be more productive when you are working on a specific task, it will also help you are working on anything! Why? Your mind will not be racing to try to figure out when you will respond to that email – you already know!

"Everything" is no longer on your "to-do" list. Horray!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


Amy is a small business coach with Amy Lynne Coaching. She loves to help entrepreneurs, solos, freelancers and small business owners reach their dreams. While located in the beautiful Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, MN Amy works with people all over the world thanks to the magic of the internet.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a 30-minute call with Amy here!

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