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How To Land A Client In 18 Minutes and 19 Seconds

“This is great, I am looking forward to working with you, is there anything else I can do for you today?” I asked.

“Nope, I am excited to get started and will be looking for your email with next steps”. He said.

I hung up the phone. 18 minutes and 19 seconds. I just landed an ideal client in an ideal coaching package in under 20 minutes.


How did I do it?

A fancy pitch, maybe?


The conversation was about his business, his goals, his challenges, and what he thought he needed to get to the next level. I made a book recommendation and gave some encouragement. Then, he asked how we could work together.

In truth, I didn’t do a lot on the call because he was ready to say yes before he picked up the phone.


What happened before he picked up the phone?

He reviewed my LinkedIn profile.

He reviewed my LinkedIn profile because of an email introduction from his friend who is a client of mine.

My client and I met because an attorney in my network introduced us a few months back.

The attorney and I met because a friend in my networking group introduced us a few months before that.

I met my friend in the networking group because, in July of 2018, I quit my job and started a business and thought a networking group would be a good place to start finding clients!


Yes, the call was less than 20 minutes minutes. But, the process to get that client started more than two years ago.

The process included getting out and building relationships, clearly communicating who I am and what I do, representing who I am and what I do online, serving clients well…and picking up the phone.

So, how do you land a client in 18 minutes and 19 seconds?

Focus on planting and cultivating seeds that will one day yield a harvest.


Amy is a small business coach with Amy Lynne Coaching. She loves to help solos, freelancers and small business owners reach their dreams. Located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, MN Amy works with people all over the world thanks to the magic of the internet.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a 30-minute call with Amy here!

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