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How to Reflect. Reflect. Reflect.

As you approach the end of the year, don’t forget to take a moment to reflect on 2020. Yes, it might be depressing, or overwhelming, or encouraging or blah! Regardless, don’t toss out data from 2020 because it was a “weird” year. Learn from it.

What worked well for you this year? What pivots worked? What was the hardest part of the pandemic for your business? What things did you try that didn’t work? What was your greatest success?

One of the best ways to start the reflection process is to look at data.

If you have read my other blogs, or coached with me, you know that I advocate for looking at data as just that. Data. It is not a declaration of failure or success. It is not there so you can feel horrible or great about yourself. It is just data. When you can take the emotion out of it (most of it anyway!), you are able to see patterns and other important information that will help make 2021 successful.

Here are a few things I track and reflect on at the end of each year:

-Total revenue

-Number of new and renewing clients per month

-Number of networking meetings each month

-How I acquired each new client (referral, website, networking)

-Number of weeks/months from 'first meeting' to 'close' for a new client

In each of these categories I had set specific numeric goals at the start of the year. For 2020, I missed most of my goals. The good news? I still beat my 2019 numbers!

As you reflect on your numbers, remember to think about the things that are in and out of your control. I missed my networking goal this year, in part, because people were not ready to meet for the first time on Zoom at the start of the pandemic (not sure I was ready!). So, once people WERE ready, I increased the invitations!

Second, go back to why you track this number and why you have this goal. The reason I track networking so closely is that it is my greatest generator of clients (or introductions to clients). It is also the way I find great new resources for my clients. Networking is critical for my business!

This year, my takeaway and reflection regarding networking came as I looked specifically at how I acquired new clients. As 2020 rolled on, the number of clients I acquired from referrals rose and the number from one on one networking meetings decreased. I was thrilled to see this trend! But, now what?

The thing I want to explore in 2021, is the number of reconnections (not just NEW connections) I need to do per month. As my network continues to grow, I cannot just go wider and wider, I also need to go deeper and deeper. 2021 is the year to start to make a more purposeful shift based on what I learned in 2020.

While this year may be one we want to soon forget, take a moment to reflect. Try to end up with a few statements you can write down. Write down what you are proud of, things that made your business better in 2020 and a few things you don’t want to take into 2021.

If you are stuck on how to make goals for 2021, this blog might be helpful for you!


Amy Lynne Coaching is located in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN and works with solopreneurs and small business owners to help them reach their goals.

If you are interested in learning more about coaching with Amy, you can schedule your free consultation here!

Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

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