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Three Things I Changed After Overdoing It

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

I received this text from a client a few weeks ago, “Did we miss a coaching session today?”


I was supposed to call him at 2 pm.

It was 3:30 pm and I was in another meeting.

In almost three years as a business coach, I had never missed (read: forgotten) a client meeting.

So, why now? I could give lots of excuses, the best one being: we set up the meeting over text instead of through my calendar. But the reality is, I could have put it on my calendar, but I didn’t. I am sure I was trying to do three things at once and got distracted and never went back to finish the task.

Another excuse: the start of this year was crazy.

In January and February, I said yes to too many things. I doubled my networking goal both months, my group coaching cohort filled in January and I decided to add a second one without really thinking through the consequences…and on and on.

While these “extras” were often good things, they were too much!

To be honest, I had a couple of other “signs” that my usually organized self was trying to do too much, was too busy, but I ignored them.

Until that text.

Then, I forced myself to make some changes. I was not going to allow my clients to have a bad experience because I was “busy”. If I was so busy and distracted that I missed a client appointment, what was I doing as a business coach?!

So, I made some changes. Here are the three changes I made for March:

1) Blocked out more time on the calendar

When March began, I proactively blocked out most Fridays and any day that had more than 4 meetings. I used that time to focus on digging myself out of the hole I had created as well as took time to rest. I knew the craziness of the first two months, the Minnesota winter, and the pandemic were all hampering my emotional and mental capacities. To continue to serve clients well, the best thing I could do was re-charge my batteries.

2) Let networking go for a month

I had more than doubled my networking goal for the first two months of the year, so even taking a month “off” I met my quarterly networking goals. I didn’t pursue any new groups, LinkedIn connections, or networking opportunities. Whew!

3) Took a day off

In the middle of the month, I took a Friday off. Truly off. A friend and I went to the Como Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul, MN and then in the afternoon, I got a relaxing massage. I was purposeful to keep my mind on what I was seeing and feeling and hearing vs. the list of things still waiting for me at my desk.

So, March was a transitional month for me. I needed to pull back. I needed to reevaluate and shift my thinking and priorities before heading into April. Time management is not just about what you ARE doing, but also what you are not.

My ongoing goal is to pay more attention to the little clues that tell me I am reaching my tipping point, that I am too busy, and proactively make adjustments. I do not want another one of those texts from a client ever, but for sure not for the next three years!


Hello - I'm Amy, a small business coach and owner of Amy Lynne Coaching. I love to help entrepreneurs, solos, freelancers and small business owners reach their dreams. While I am located in the capital city of St Paul, MN, I work with people all over the world thanks to the magic of the internet.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a 30-minute call here!

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