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The story

My favorite role has always been as coach. I like hands-on, walk-with-you kind of coaching. Setting clear goals, working together to find solutions to problems, learning to work smarter and building a firm foundation upon which the  business can scale and scale well. 

Do you ever feel...

  • you have an idea of where you want to go, but are not sure of how to get there

  • discouraged and unmotivated

  • you lack clarity on next steps

  • you are reacting vs. planning your day to day tasks 

small business owner, business coaching

produce results that will help you reach your goals

Working for start-ups, non-profits, a Fortune 500, and a family-owned business has taught me a lot. Seeing some businesses succeed and others struggle over and over with the same challenges made me sure of one thing: Those that are willing to do the work, will reap the reward.

it is not just about getting "stuff" done

It is about focusing our time on the things that matter most. It is creating a clear vision and a clear path to accomplish what needs to be done so that your business can scale. It is having a bit more control over the madness so that we can be present in the moment.

You started your business because you wanted to accomplish something great. My goal as a coach is to help you accomplish more of that great thing. We will aim to do the right task, at the right time, in the right way so your business goals can become reality.

let's move your business forward


Are you a therapist, chiropractor, digital marketer, bookkeeper, photographer, DJ, life or business coach, digital marketer, fitness instructor, financial planner, real estate agent, or the like? I have worked with you - Let's grow your business together!

business coach, Amy Bogott, Minnesota, small business support

Strange, but true. Becoming a small business coach was an accident...sort of. As friends of mine were starting companies, I was an advisor, sounding board, question asker, plan hatcher and support giver. I loved it. I mean, I really loved it. So, when my sister-in-law suggested I start business coaching full time, it was an easy decision to blend my passions with my profession. 

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